September 2009

A few weeks ago, I talked about the dynamics of financial compatibility for couples.  So, I was interested in this article on couples going to money therapy. It quotes various financial expert including a financial planner, Dave Ramsey, consumer credit counseling association and a money coach. How’s that for a collection of opinions.  I took away […]


Cruising is one of my favorite vacations because it is usually a great value compared to land vacations.  Mr. Boomer and I have sailed over a dozen times on five different lines.  Although we have our favorite, we’ve found at least five ways to save even more. 1. Free Drinks.  Many first time cruisers are disappointed that alcoholic […]


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In the early days of being enviromentally conscious, it seemed like the “good” choice was more expensive.  A hybrid car costs more than the gasoline only car.  Curbside recycling meant higher trash bills.  Nowadays, being green doesn’t mean paying more.  It is possible to be green and frugal at the same time?  I believe it […]

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What does frugal mean to you? A blogger I read the other day indicated behaviors aren’t frugal unless it was do-it-yourself (DIY).  So If I combined coupons with a store sale to save big time on laundry soap that was not frugal.  In order to be frugal, the laundry soap had to be home-made. Frugal […]