January 2010

  Congratulations to my niece and her husband on the birth of their son, Micah, on Friday evening.  He was a healthy 8 lb. 11 oz.  My sister now has three grandsons under the age of 18 months! Not quite as life-changing was my second guest post published at Sweating the Big Stuff this past week. Please visit […]


In the Fall I noticed a tear at the inner side of one of one of the batch pockets on one of my favorite pairs of  jeans.  Perplexed, I looked closer and saw that there was a matching tear at the other pocket.  Contrary to Mr. Boomer’s jokes, my pants were not too tight in the rear. […]


Unemployment is holding steady or starting to nudge downward depending where you live. My company happens to have a few openings this quarter due to growth and turnover.  When recently discussing internal recruitment efforts I learned that we typically advertise on one venue…Craigslist. This may not be news to some (or even most) of you, […]


  photo credit: The Rocketeer Mr. Boomer’s Christmas gift list had only one thing on it — making his computer faster.  It’s several years old and at one time was the family machine meaning it survived a teenager who probably wasn’t as discerning as us in selecting download sites.  The computer had become unbearably slow.  I mentioned […]


 It’s been so long since we had a lot of rain (is the drought over yet?) that six days in a row of rain, wind, and cold has been a shock.  The good news is that it kept San Diegans from complaining all week about the Chargers loss (and we need the water). Who am […]