March 2010

With the gradual rise in car insurance rates, more and more consumers are opting for ways to reduce their auto insurance costs. Make sure you ask your insurer to provide you with discounted rates. Here are some simple tips that can help you lower down your insurance cost. Hunt for discounts Car insurance companies frequently […]


Ninja @ Punch Debt in the Face wrote himself a letter to be read in ten years.  At his suggestion (and because it is a great idea) many other bloggers have posted a letter to their future self and here is mine. Dear Bucksome, Are you totally gray now?  How many laugh lines have you earned?  […]


We have a winner!  Thanks to everyone who entered the first giveaway here at Buck$ome Boomer’s Journey to Retirement.  I hope you keep reading.  Before revealing the winner, let me tell you when counting out comment 22, I skipped my comments to arrive at the winner.  The winner is……. PAT Pat’s been contacted via email […]


 Did you observe Earth Hour last night?  It’s nice to be part of a global effort to bring attention to climate change issues.  We’re all part of the same planet and need to work together to solve the problem.  Of course, it wasn’t a stretch to go without using energy for an hour that late […]


Do You Have a List?

by Kay Lynn

  I’m sure you have lots of lists but the one I’m thinking about is like in the movie  The Bucket List.  A list of things you want to do, achieve, and accomplish in your life.  What got me thinking about it was this life list at Betty Decoy’s blog.  While I don’t want to […]