April 2010

Sailing the High Seas

by Kay Lynn

Okay, I don’t know how high they are, but we are sailing the seas.  I’ll be back some time next week and hopefully very rested.  We will be visiting Cabo San Lucas which is where I took this pcture of the arch.  Until then, poke around the archives and visit the wonderful blogs on my blog […]


  This is part two in  series on saving money by using the Internet.  Part one was an overview. Until I started reading blogs which would lead me to more blogs and so on (it’s a vicious circle) I had no idea there were so many free items available.  Not only are they free but […]


This is my birthday month and so far I’ve gotten a blu-ray DVD, stock trade and many meals for free.  How?  By being on their email list (and including birth date) or signing up  for the loyalty club.  Businesses do this for several reasons.  First of all these offers drive traffic in what is a slowly […]


  If you were not able to take advantage of  a free local Finance Peace University session offered recently there’s another option now. Dave Ramsey is offering a free online class. Click here for more information. Giveaways I like to highlight giveaways hosted by other personal finance blogs each week.  There are several this week so […]


I didn’t write about health care reform while it was moving through Congress or in the immediate aftermath.  The only mention of it here was in this infographic.  Unless you read comments I made a couple on a couple of other blogs it probably appeared as though it wasn’t important to me.  That is far from the […]