May 2010

 Did you know that Memorial Day was originally named Decoration Day?  It was because people would remember military veterans by decorating their graves. My father is buried in a national cemetery.  My brother, sister and I reconvened to visit his grave the first Memorial Day weekend after he passed away.  Boy Scouts had placed flags at every […]


Groups and Vacations

by Kay Lynn

Daniel at Sweating the Big Stuff recently took a vacation with a group of friends.  He posted that one of the group cancelled resulting in everyone having to pay 33% more for lodging.  It didn’t change his plans but did change the budget.  It got me thinking about the perils of vacationing with more than […]


This is a guest post by Sarah Harris from Massage Therapy.  Find massage therapy salary information on her site. When did going to the movies get so expensive?  Between buying tickets for your family, paying for parking, and purchasing popcorn, candy, and drinks, you feel like you just put a down payment on a house.  You swear you […]


Couponing saves me a lot of money when shopping.  Most of my grocery and drug store coupons come from the local newspapers which is the traditional distribution.  That’s no longer the only game in town.   Since you’re reading this on some Internet-enabled device you can also find coupons the same way.  This article will take […]


Thursday night I met up with six personal finance bloggers during a business trip to Washington DC.  it was so fun to meet these bright, interesting people who I feel like I know from reading their writing.  Attendees were Debt Hater, Me in Millions, My Next Buck, My Pretty Pennies, Mrs. Micah and You Have More […]