June 2010

A blog post I read last week was lavishing praise on frugal habits during the depression with the point being that we could save money doing some of the same things today.  A nice sentiment and I don’t disagree entirely.  But we’re overlooking the elephant in the room. People were not being frugal by choice. They […]


What would you do if a restaurant gave you the option to pay the price you wanted?  Panera experimented with a “set your own price” model and found the honor system works. Why open a set your own price restaurant?  Panera started the non-profit arm as another method of philanthropy.  Due to the success of the pilot two […]


A lot of people are watching World Cup matches but at the Boomer household it’s about tennis.  The incredible match this past week between American John Isner and Frenchman Nicolas Mahut is indescribable.  Both men exhibited traits useful in all areas of life (personal finance…) including perservance, mental toughness, sportsmanship and endurance.  In the end […]


In the 1970’s I was a teenage girl with an 8 track tape player in my car enjoying Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac (among others).  When not in my car music options were radio and records.  While I still listen to radio it’s mostly for news.  I’ve found alternate venues for music. Internet Radio It […]


A check came in the mail last week from BlogHer ads.  Thanks to email notification I was expecting it but it represented so much more than the dollar amount. It was another first…my first blog income.  I haven’t even deposited it yet because it feels so great carrying it around.  (Don’t worry, I will cash it!) […]