August 2010

One of the sponsors I met during BlogHer ’10 was Avery Dennison at the Social Luxe Lounge event. They contacted me recently about hosting a back to school giveaway featuring a gift basket (similar to the picture below) filled with Avery Dennison supplies such as NoteTabs, hi-liters, glue sticks, binders, and more. Avery Celebrates Teachers […]


It’s important when creating your budget to understand what is a need versus a want. If you need to cut back then the wants are the first to go. However a recent survey of my generation revealed the needs are not really only the basics for survival (shelter, clothing and food). Instead, 66% in this […]


A couple of weeks ago I received an email inviting me to attend a Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt tasting at the Westfield North County Mall in Escondido.  Well since this is brand I normally buy, the $25 gift certificate offered was a bonus. I attended yesterday but you can still go today for your free […]


Sometimes it seems like money is a one way road and it’s not going in my direction.  This week a couple of things made me think it is a 2 way street. Checks It started off with two checks I wasn’t planning on (even though not unexpected).  First I had a medical FSA reimbursement check.  […]


When I first heard about the big egg recall I felt safe. With all the farms in my state certainly eggs would not need to be shipped in from Iowa. Then my receipt from this week’s grocery shopping told me I could have bought tainted eggs there.   I checked the box at home and although the plant number was not […]