September 2010

Many people are downsizing their housing whether due to the economy or changing family size.  We were part of that trend a few years ago when we sold our 4 bedroom single family home for a 3 bedroom condo. There is a silver lining to the trend.  It’s spurred several business opportunities related to living […]


3 Lessons from Babies

by Kay Lynn

Spending time with our grandson has reminded me what life is like for babies.  Not only is he fun and entertaining but babies can teach us some things about how to manage personal finance challenges. photo credit: Steve took it 1. Never Give Up. Have you ever met a healthy kid that didn’t learn how […]


Last night we went to sleep with the smell of fire in the air.  Fortunately, the fire was under control and far away but it reminded us too much of the fire and evacuation three years ago. Fall is a double-edged sword in Southern California. The weather is gorgeous and the tourists are gone making […]


A couple of weeks ago I asked readers for their skin care tips.  The responses showed that not only is it pretty easy to take care of your skin, but inexpensive as well. 1. Wash Your Face Before Bed. One of the common answers was to wash your face before bed.  If you have sensitive […]


At the end of each month we prepare the budget for the next month.  Most of the time it’s a simple task with small adjustments.  For example, in July and August I plan for larger electric and gas bills than in June and September due to air conditioner usage. Sometimes the changes are bigger.  As […]