October 2010

We don’t get trick or treaters since moving to our gated community a few years ago.  Not only is the gate a deterrent, but there are very few kids in the condo homes here. I miss seeing the fun costumes even though there is the benefit of not having to worry about candy.  Been there, […]


Most cities have free entertainment if you look for it, but sometimes you just want to invite friends over.  If you hesitate because of the cost, then there’s a way to get someone else to chip in for the party. How can you provide food or entertainment for your guests for free?  Host a house […]


I’ve been writing around the web this past week. The first article details 6 steps to success with mail-in rebates at Inexpensively. Have you seen the movie Social Network? It’s a great movie and I shared business start-up lessons from the flick at Couple Money yesterday.  Check out the trailer to get an idea of […]


The following is a guest post by Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. BFS covers spending, savings, and the fun stuff along the way. I didn’t understand the saying “Time is Money” better than when I started blogging. I make money blogging via ads. Those ads pay more to popular sites. You become popular […]


Like my friend, Donna @ Surviving and Thriving, I plan to have a giveaway every week until you stop coming or I run out of stuff. Building upon the water theme of Blog Action Day, I have brand-new aluminum water bottles for two lucky winners.  The first one is green with the Microsoft Hohm logo […]

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