June 2011

Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, which makes them the payment method of choice for most people, but before applying for a credit card, make sure you do your homework to find the best one for your needs. Before you proceed, consider your credit situation. Do you have good credit? Have you even established credit? […]

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No matter how clichéd the title of this post sounds, its surprising how much more efficient we can be by just following this edict. Sometimes it helps to get another person’s perspective because we tend to be blind to a lot of our own mistakes. Every month or so, DH and I spend an afternoon, […]


You have already borne the burden of buying your dream car or cars, yet still other hurdles come knocking. Fuel expenses aside, you have to insure your vehicle against theft and any bumps or scratches. You may have realized that you cannot walk away from auto insurance no matter how challenging it is. However, you […]


I recently finished reading Financial Recovery: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money by Karen McCall and think it’s a good addition to anyone’s personal finance library. Remember, I am a graduate of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University so that’s my reference point for comparison.  I found Financial Recovery to have some similar ideas but with […]

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This is a guest post from Penny Saver, a frugal mom who is making the most of modest means, saving a quarter of her income, and blogging about it at The Saved Quarter.  Read my post at her site with tips to survive the teen years. Summer is here and kids around the country are asking […]