June 2011

Since the recent recession, regaining control of your finances and living frugally has almost become cool. Instead of spending more than we make, the average American is no saving nearly 5% of their income for a future unexpected event. This is one tremendous turnaround, and I am glad to see this shift in our habits. […]


RetailMeNot, the coupon site for bargain hunters, is sponsoring 14 tickets to BlogHer.  One grand prize winner will receive the RockStar treatment which includes round-trip airfare, limo service, five-star hotel accommodations and the BogHer pass. Yours truly is in the running with my tip for summertime savings.  I’d appreciate your vote HERE. My tip is […]


I recently had the opportunity to interview Bethany and Scott Palmer, Authors of First Comes Love, Then Comes Money: A Couple’s Guide to Financial Communication and asked them about discussing finances with parents as it’s a topic that’s been on my mind lately. If you want more of their great advice, visit their website at […]


I recently got a sneak peek into Manilla, a new household account organization site. It’s like the creators read my mind and knew to create one site where I can keep track of all account information whether it was for frequent flyer miles or the local utility company. This is perfect for me since regular […]


Happy Father’s Day

by Kay Lynn

Happy Father’s Days to all the dads. I wish you a wonderful day. Photo: Some rights reserved by Jim, the Photographer