October 2011

Older people have said that the younger generations have it too easy, don’t have a good work ethic and won’t do nearly as good as job as they did.  They’re partially right. Each generation has had it easier but that’s mainly due to advancing technology.  My son, the kid who created his own website at […]


Although I’m not a radio star, I recorded my first traditional media spot this week with a local radio personality Delana at KYMI.  It was a spot regarding our experiences with the Tempur-Cloud sleep system (which you know I love!). We recorded about 6-7 different 30 second sessions and the entire process only took about […]


Money is one subject guaranteed to cause disagreements in even the best of relationships, so it is hardly surprising that an increasing number of people opt to keep their other half in the dark about their finances. For many people, getting married or committing to a serious live-in relationship with someone means pooling resources to […]

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Calsonic Kansei UK Limited, an automotive manufacturer based in Llanelli, has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive, after the tragic death of one of its workers due to an accident at work. On the 17th March 2008, 35-year-old Darren Small, a father-of-two from Loughor, was working at the firm’s factory on Llethri Road, […]


The other day my co-worker recounted his recent experience catching a vandal spray painting graffiti in his neighborhood.  Not only was he happy to have the person responsible for repeated bouts of tagging away from his home, but there was a side benefit. He found out about an initiative in San Diego called the “Spray […]