January 2012

A constant complaint in Southern California is that there isn’t a good public transportation system.  It’s not that we don’t have public transportation.  There are buses, trains and trolleys.  It’s clean, timely and affordable, but there  just isn’t enough. Not enough routes and not frequent enough. Challenges Density. There’s a good reason for the lack […]


There are two major sporting events today.  The men’s final at the Australian Open (tennis)and the Pro Bowl (football).  One was epic and  broke a record for the longest grand slam singles final.  We watched it in awe and amazement while downing coffee and croissants. This afternoon, it’ll be time for the NFL Pro Bowl […]


Remember that declutter challenge I told you about recently. I have a lot of great items I received at BlogHer just taking up closet space. I’ve decided to start giving away one item a week here at Bucksome Boomer until i run out! Believe me that will take a while. It’s a win-win. I get […]


Using the medical flexible spending account (FSA) is one way we stretch our budget every year.  Each December, I carefully consider the expenses we will  have (prescriptions, doctor visits, dental cleanings, etc.) and then add some extra for unknown. It’s a tightrope balance between selecting too much and risk losing the money or not enough.  […]


Valentine’s Day is 3 weeks from now, a period when we spend billions of $ to “prove” our love. For me personally, I would rather not have a lot of money spent on meaningless gifts.  Over the years, my husband has tried getting me the dozen roses or expensive jewelry, but has now come to […]