March 2012

A couple of weeks ago, my husband called me for a rescue.  He was at Target and his car wouldn’t start.  I drove over and picked him up, went back to the office and he took my car so he could start getting his car situation resolved. Back at the office my friends, who are […]


Have you ever purchased something that you really didn’t have the money for? One of the more common examples today is the automobile. Sure, traveling back and forth to work is necessary to pay the bills, but if you only have $2,000 in your savings account, what makes you think that you deserve to buy […]


Jeff Rose, a fellow Personal Finance blogger, organized the Roth IRA Movement which consists of more than 140 bloggers and personal finance journalists joining forces by writing about Roth IRAs today. One of my short term goals is to open an IRA account this year as another vehicle for retirement savings.  One of the first […]


The March Madness continues over at Free Money Finance and I’m battling in round 2 and could use YOUR support. Click HERE and vote for Penny; a great article from Suba!


I am SUPER excited to announce an exclusive offer for Bucksome Boomer newsletter subscribers to receive ImpulseSave Invites.  ImpulseSave is an awesome new saving tool I told you about last week that makes saving as easy and rewarding as spending. I signed up and am saving for a dream trip to Italy to celebrate our […]