A Night Out

by Kay Lynn


My night out recently was a beautiful, warm (too warm as we’re in the middle of a heat wave) evening spent with Mr. Boomer and a phantom.  Saturday night, we saw “Phantom” at the Moonlight Ampitheatre. While sitting there in our seats about 10 rows back, I thought this is not free, but it is priceless.

Which got me to thinking about the difference between being cheap and frugal. Frugality does not mean spending only on necessities. I think that includes enjoying your life and family while spending thoughtfully. Saturday’s spending consisted of the price of dinner out and the theatre tickets.

We subscribed to the season of musicals presented which ended up costing us $27 a ticket for six tickets including the service charge. If we had bought these separately, the cost would have been $38 per ticket. This doesn’t even take into account the additional benefits of subscribing which include ability to select better seats which we enjoy the entire season and are guaranteed to have in the future unless we choose not to renew or ask for better location. They also included two free passes to the city-owned water park which I passed along to a friend with small children.

To make the evening more special, we start the evening out with dinner at a restaurant. We have been using our Entertainment book and going to different restaurants between our home and the theatre which is about 12 miles away. Our choice Saturday was an italian restaurant that we have never gone to and enjoyed a wonderful meal for two including one glass of wine and tip for $31.  Using the buy one get one coupon saved us $13.95 plus tax.

Even though we were not careless with money (after all $37  was saved during the evening), some would think spending $85 out is not being frugal.  I think unless you truly can not afford it due to financial constraints, it is fine to spend money, albeit smartly, on fun time with your friends and family.  For me, the point of saving money is to live comfortably and have a good life.   How we went about it is the difference between two nights out or three.

Photo by Kadellar

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