Another Option for Generating Income Online

by Kay Lynn

I found an interesting website recently that has a lot of content on personal finance and retirement planning. The name is EHow and it consists of short articles or videos on how “to do just about anything” as their tagline reads.

In the category of Personal Finance there are 37,421 entries (as of this morning) with over 18,000 of these being in the subcategory of Money Managing. That’s a lot of information, but it’s manageable if you go there with a specific topic or need in mind.

An interesting thing about this site is the Writer Compensation Program. Ordinary people like you and I can get compensated for published articles. Just create a eHow account and sign up for the WCP. You just need a Paypal account, a topic and traffic to your article. A little bit of inspiration probably helps.

I’m thinking about what topic I might offer some expertise and will let you know if I get published in the future. If you have some expertise or knowledge share it with the online community and earn some pocket money.

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