August Wrap-Up

by Kay Lynn

It’s September and school has started and some parts of the country already are enjoying cooler weather.  This August wrap-up includes online income, lending club news, a movie review and an update on our new TV.

Online Income

I continued selling books on and earned $46.54.  I did not sell anything on Ebay due to my lack of initiative.  Got to use some of my free listings this month. 

However, I did earn $20 from taking online surveys.  The first check was from Opinion Outpost and the second from  By joining the Meredith online community, I received a $10 Amazon gift certificate and two free magazines (Family Circle and Mixing Bowl).

As mentioned in a previous post  I earned $1.43 on  The ads have dried up lately and I’ve decided to stop logging in for ads.  The grand total for all these endeavors was $77.97.

Lending Club

Thanks to Matt @ Debt Free Adventure I started an account at Lending Club with a free money promotion.  That free money earned me 22 cents in interest last month (I should have put this in the previous category).  You can get $25 for free if you open a Lending Club account and use the referral code of Bucksome.

Movie Review

I am generally not going to review movies, but felt Julie and Julia is an exception because it’s about a blogger … and a great American chef.  Watching blogging in it’s infancy was fascinating to me.  Was it really initially a venue for writers or is it just that Julie Powell was a writer that I got that impression? I felt that I’m late to the blogging game, but glad that easy entry is still available.

Anyway, both lead actresses were fantastic.  Even though I remember seeing Julia Child on television throughout my life, I now think she looks like Meryl Streep.  It was interesting to see the wonderfully supportive husbands of both women.  (Thank you Mr. Boomer for all your support!)

I left the theatre both a humbled blogger AND inspired to master the art of  French cooking.  I got over the cooking urge, but am still the humbled blogger.

Shopping Update

You might remember that Mr. Boomer and I had to replaced our television in August with a new set from Costco.  On another shopping trip for essentials, Mr. Boomer saw the set was now priced $50 less.  He took in our receipt and we received the credit.  The lesson is to check prices after a major purchase in case of price drops you can take advantage of post sale.

Photo courtesy of Sujit Kumar

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