Blogiversary: One Big Month

by Kay Lynn


A little over a month ago, I started blogging with my first post.  It seems like a lot longer though as I’ve learned so much and I’m taking this opportunity to reflect.


Once I decided to start a blog the first decision I made was whether to use a free site (such as or or find a host for my own domain.  I briefly was hosted by WordPress, but decided after the first week to register my own domain,,  and find a host.   For some reason that escapes me now, I registered my account at Go Daddy but selected Just Host to well, host.

Technical Stuff

Wow, have I learned a lot of new terms this month.  My day gig is at a technology company and I have a lot of knowledge considering I am not one of the techies.  But we’re a niche software company, not a web design company.  My new-found knowledge covers gravitars, widgets and plug-ins.  I’m still trying to figure out how the tags work among a zillion other things (like is there an easier way to give image attribution other than just typing it in?).

Just last week I learned how to center and put borders around the images.  Little things like this have seemed like big victories with the steep learning curve.

Stats and Networking

I’ve found a few blogs that offer tips/tricks on improving blogs including Blogussion, Blogging Basics 101 and Web Teacher.  A lot of information pertains to increasing your numbers both in subscribers and hits.  I’m still in the baby stages of blogging and am just trying to figure out how to do a good job.  Once I have that down, I can start worrying about subscribers.  Now having said that I have 6 subscribers (thanks to Mr. Boomer, kids, siblings and mom!).

During this brief month I’ve discovered blog networks such as BlogHer and Money Hackers Network among many others.  I will be joining applicable networks when my blog meets the criteria.  I think there’s a value in learning AND contributing to a social group.  Moral support is always helpful!  I have joined Midlife Bloggers and am listed on Blogcatalog.

what’s next

Already I’m internally debating changing the domain name and/or blog name.  I know I want to enhance the design as I learn more about what’s possible with widgets and plug-ins and looking at different themes.  I want to build up my network by offering to guest post at other personal finance blogs and continuing to comment regularly.  I’ll revisit my progress and status at the six-month mark and post an update.

Lastly, I want to thank my faithful readers and encourage you to post comments.  Let me know what you like, don’t like and would  want me to cover in the future.

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