California State Tax Shenanigans

by Kay Lynn

Most of the time I’m proud to be a Californian.  Not so much this year.

My last paycheck was lower than normal.  A benefit of being salaried is there there isn’t much fluctuation with pay and I didn’t have a pay cut.   It wasn’t a surprise because my company warned us.  I have the State of California to thank for the decrease. 

The state decided employers had to withhold 10% more than usual for all wage-earners.  It’s not a tax increase because our annual tax bills don’t change.  When Mr. Boomer and I file our tax return next year we’ll either get a bigger return or a lower taxes owed bill.  However I, and others, interpret this as a forced interest-free loan to the state. 

It seems pretty chicken shit  of our government to take more even for a few months while so many are suffering.  Only 3 states have a higher unemployment rate in the nation and many families are struggling to make ends meet. 

Although I find this tactic annoying the few dollars a payday don’t impact my budget much.   I am outraged for those that may have to give up one day of driving a week or have one more meatless meal a week.  People are making real sacrifices due to job loss, higher prices and upside-down mortgages.  I don’t see the state making any.

This interest free loan to the state is on top of city and state cutbacks resulting is less services (parks, teachers and libraries to name a few).  The state budget is still awash in red ink.  Where and when will it end? 


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SD Kevin November 13, 2009 at 12:33 pm


This low interest loan imposed on the citizens of California without our consent as a method by a corrupt legisture to unsuccessfully balance a budge rather than make the difficult choices that the citizens of the world have to make in these economic times is bordering on if not outright criminal behavior. We are lucky to be able to afford the additional witholding – even though it is criminally unfair – but poor and working class Californians probably can’t. Thanks for letting the broader American public know about this!!!

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