I had to share this offering from Mamapedia with you.  Buy financial education products for the children in your life at  50% off.  Get a $30 voucher for only $15. The products at Moonjar teach the merits of saving, spending and sharing (giving).  They even have a children’s book about starting a business.  Click HERE […]


Because I dislike shopping malls, I try to shop online as much as possible.  That doesn’t mean I don’t want to save money and find good deals. helps me with both these objectives.  I found coupon codes to just about all my favorite stores.  The directory includes hundreds of retailers ranging from the Apple […]


Do You Groupon?

by Kay Lynn

Learn How Groupon Works! from The Point on Vimeo. I was shooting the sh!! networking with coworkers a couple of weeks ago when one of them (let’s call him Joe since that’s his name) told me how he’s found great deals on Groupon. Maybe you already knew about it but it was news to me […]


Everybody loves a good deal, right?  I sure do, but have become pickier about which ones to jump on as I focus on becoming debt-free.  That pesky student loan has got to go! I’ev shared bargains with coworkers, friends and family but realized I left out an important group – you!  (Yes, I do have readers that aren’t […]


  Last week I received an email from Amazon introducing Amazon Payphraseand inviting me to create my own Payphrase.  It sounded so simple and useful.  As they noted in the first sentence, I’m “a frequent shopper”.  I wasn’t happy about that point since I’ve really cut down my online shopping the past six months.  […]

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