Customer Service Story: Lee Jeans

by Kay Lynn

broken counterfeit jeans

In the Fall I noticed a tear at the inner side of one of one of the batch pockets on one of my favorite pairs of  jeans.  Perplexed, I looked closer and saw that there was a matching tear at the other pocket.  Contrary to Mr. Boomer’s jokes, my pants were not too tight in the rear.

This shouldn’t happen to pants only a few months old so I got to work on not losing out on my purchase.  I had bought the jeans at Kohl’s but no longer had the receipt and didn’t want to deal with trying to return it at the store if at all possible.  I found Lee’s website and submitted an email inquiry asking how I could get them replaced.

Now, I didn’t have much hope so was pleasantly surprised to get an email response back within a day asking for my name and address so they could send a return form and prepaid mailing label.  I sent that off and within a week had the promised documents.

Because I’m a procrastinator (did I ever tell you that before) the forms sat and sat.  Finally a few weeks ago the jeans got boxed up with completed forms and dropped off at the post office. 

Again, I wondered if anything would happen.  I was a little skeptical because the form stated they would decide if it was normal wear and tear or defective. Happily my fears were unfounded.

This past week a package arrived with a brand new pair of Lee jeans, same size and what looks like the same style.  I’m happy to have my jeans replaced and know Lee is a company that values customers and knows how to provide good service. 

Do you have any good customer service stories? 

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Mr Credit Card January 29, 2010 at 7:05 am

Good old Lee jeans. Used to wear them all the time. They are sure better than the modern “branded” jeans. Great to hear they have got great customer service.

Bucksome January 30, 2010 at 5:05 am

Ken, good to know that GoDaddy provides good service. I’m using another hosting site now and have been happy so far.

Thank you for joining the discussion.

SD Kevin February 5, 2010 at 7:53 am

I know Old Navy belongs to Gap and I’m probably shopping outside my demographic by buying clothes at either of these places, but my husband and I bought jeans at Old Navy shortly after Christmas. They were having a denim sale $15/pair. What was cooler was that it was all styles – even that nasty boot-cut – and colors. We bought several at that price. I wore a pair of them to work and after a trip to the bathroom realized the zipper was broken – don’t know why it took so long, really. I took them back that day and they exchanged them no sweat. I don’t return things often, so I was concerned about questions – something like “Did you think you were too large to wear the size you bought?”, but was pleasantly surprised that there were no such questions.

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