Do you have Recession Hair?

by Kay Lynn

Clown hair
When reading other blogs recently, I ran across one with the subject of recession hair. It was a term I hadn’t heard before but a quick google search showed it being used by many writers. Basically, it means selecting a hair style that requires less maintenance with the end result of saving money during this recession.

I started thinking about what changes I’ve made that some might think is a result of going to “recession hair”.

There are differences in my hair this year. One change was a deliberate conscious one and the other was a controlled by mother nature.

Hair Length. Out of the last ten years the majority of the time I’ve had short hair. I like short hair because it’s easy and if I ever get brave enough to cut it as short as I’d like (think spikey), it would be memorable.

Mr. Boomer likes longer hair (like a lot of men I know) so I decide to grow it out now and then. 2009 is one of those times. I figure this might be the last time I grow it out so I’ll give it a good go. The budget benefit of growing my hair out is that I only cut it every 7 weeks instead of my usual 4 week interval with short hair. Over a year, this adds up to six less haircuts a year saving approximately $250.

Color? Mother nature has gifted me with many more strands of gray this year. As a younger (more idealistic) woman, I decided not to color my hair because I’m not good at high maintenance beauty rituals. I must say it’s gotten harder to stick to this decision at times but my sister (love you sis) has beautiful silver gray hair that I would be proud to wear. I hope the final result is nearly as nice as hers and I’m not incurring a large expense every year for this item.

Other Beauty Maintenance. There are several personal care budget expenses that are really discretionary and should be reexamined when trying to trim the budget. These include waxing, tanning, manicures, pedicures and more.

Although I won’t share what I do or don’t do, suffice it to say it’s a good move to axe these optional expenses from the budget or at the very least lengthen the time between treatments. Also shop around to see if there’s a better long term deal (not just a one time change to use a coupon).

Have you made any changes to your beauty regimen as a result of the economic situation? Do you have recession hair?

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silver gray sis August 1, 2009 at 8:56 am

Love ya too! And thanks for the compliment! I didn’t know you felt that way 🙂

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