Favorite Deal Websites

by Kay Lynn


Everybody loves a good deal, right?  I sure do, but have become pickier about which ones to jump on as I focus on becoming debt-free.  That pesky student loan has got to go!

I’ev shared bargains with coworkers, friends and family but realized I left out an important group – you!  (Yes, I do have readers that aren’t coworkers, firends or family.)  Let me tell you about five of my favorite sites and why.

1. Slickdeals. This is my favorite website for finding bargains, freebies and coupons. Before I buy anything, I search this site to find the best price or a coupon code. At one point, this was my browser home page but there are too many enticing deals. I save money by only using this site when I’ve already made the decision to buy.  Does this make me a recovering shopaholic?

2. Woot.This site features a new deal every day. The operative word is “a”. There is only one and when they’re sold out..that’s it until the next day. I don’t buy here often, but visit anyway for the entertaining descriptions of the sale item. There are now woot spinoffs for wine, t-shirts (love the creativity) and kids.

3. Travelzoo. Travel is one of my loves and we’ve found many travel and entertainment bargains here. My mom traveled to meet the new great-grandson for $15 each way thanks to a Travelzoo email alert.  Sign up for the weekly top 20 email and you’ll soon be enjoying the finds.

4. The Freebie Blogger. This site lists free items, giveaways and weekly deals at major retailers. Wendi isn’t the only blogger in the niche but is the first one I found so I have a special fondness for this blog.  Plus, it doesn’t focus on moms (I am a mom, but good deals appeal to more than moms).

5. Money Saving Methods. This is the site where I learned about survey companies and mystery shopping.  Carrie knows them all and gives you the pros and cons.  This site also lists freebies, bank offers and rebates among other ways to save or earn the bucks.

Did this list include your favorite deal website?  If not, please share.  If you have to buy something, you should get the best deal possible.

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Anne December 2, 2009 at 8:39 pm

I LOVE Travelzoo! Thanks to a deal I got from there, we just booked two nights (on a weekend!) in an Atlantic City condo for $47/night!

Also looking at it for great all-inclusive deals on trips to Paris this spring.

Bucksome December 3, 2009 at 5:54 am

Anne, there are some great bargains on Travelzoo. Do you know any good sites I didn’t mention?

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