February Wrap-Up

by Kay Lynn

Bom fim de semana!

February is a funny month because it’s so short. Mr. Boomer said he liked that his hourly wage that month was the highest of year (salaried employee).  That’s not what appeals to me.  It’s knowing that Spring is just around the corner  that I like.  Okay, Valentines Day is kind of fun too.

I have a new theme on my blog so it should look different (those that click through to the actual website will see it).  Stay tuned as I continue to refine the look this month.  You will also noticed that I’ve added a couple of ads.  I will do my best to balance monetization efforts with easy access to content.


My goal of not spending more than $50 on unplanned expenditures was met. The only large purchase to replace the wheel rim bent by the pothole but it met the criteria of existing item that was unrepairable.  It did require a little dip into the emergency fund but that’s why we have it.

 I also applied $900 to my debt snowball so it’s going down every month (bit by bit).

Blog News

My motivation to keep writing is again renewed with a second month in a row of increased stats.  Visits were up 42% and page views increased 3% over January.  I’m happy considering it was a short month!

In case you missed them the five most popular articles in February were:

6 Expenses for Man’s Best Friend
4 Steps to a Faster PC
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4 Steps to Successful Gift Giving
Time to Make A Change

A big thank you to all bloggers that share bucksomeboomer with their readers. The top 10 referral sites in February were:

1. Graceful Retirement
2. Dollar Stretcher.com
3. The Frugal Girl
4. Len Penzo Dot Com
5. Enemy of Debt
6. Pragmatic Environmentalism
7. Ultimate Money Blog
8. Passive Income Now
9. Wise Bread
10. Think Your Way to Wealth

  How was your month?  I hope you have a moment to reflect on it and share.


photo credit: liliferret 

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