Fiery Ford Recall

by Kay Lynn

Mr. Boomer and I own a 1998 Ford Windstar that still runs fine, but is getting up there in mileage and age.  I seriously investigated the Cash for Clunkers program but the van’s MPG value was 1 over the program’s allowance. Since there was no longer any “free” money on the table, we decided to just keep the van as long as it lasts.

Now we find out that our vehicle, among 4.5 million others, has a new recall that if ignored can result in a vehicle fire. This fire can occur even when the car is turned off, unattended and parked. It’s so dangerous they asked owners not to park their car in the garage until the faulty cruise control switch is replaced.

This recall affects vehicle models as far back as 1994.  All I can say is, what took them so long!  I mean 15 years people have been playing with “fire” and putting their homes at risk by parking in the garage.  Yeesh!

Ford will begin formally notifying owners this week on the recall and how to get it resolved.  The free repair includes installation of a new cruise control deactivation switch and inspection of the ABS control connector for problems.  We’ve moved since our Ford was purchased as I’m sure many others have since 1994.  The number to call if you’re not notified is 800-392-3673.

We’ve had recall repairs done to this car and others over the years.  I just don’t recall one so dangerous and so late in the ownership.  If you have a Ford, check the list to see if your car’s model is listed.  If you don’t own a Ford but do not have your car regularly maintained at a dealer, you might want to check the manufacturer for recalls on their website.  You just never know.

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