Giving and Disney

by Kay Lynn

Baby boomers grew up with the mystique of the magical world of Disney.  My first Disneyland visit at age 11 is a wonderful family vacation memory and for those that never made it to the park, there was Sunday night’s Magical World of Disney on the TV. 

This year Disney had a promotion for a free park ticket at either Disneyland or Disney World on your birthday.  While this was a generous promotion and many did take advantage, most people could not actually visit the park on their birthday because of schedules, geography or other barriers.  For 2010, Disney is offering a different promotion called “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day”.  

You can sign up now to get updates on the program as it progresses.  Starting January 1, 2010 search for and select one of the volunteer opportunities.  Disney is working with the HandsOn Network for volunteer registration and verification. This promotion is better than last year’s for a few reasons.

1. It promotes giving. There is so much need in the world and our corner of it and not enough volunteers. Many people will find how much personal joy can be had by helping others.  Hopefully, they’ll want to do it again without the free Disney ticket incentive.

2. You can select your day.  Other than a few blackout dates that are clearly detailed on the Disney website you can use the free admission at Disneyland or Disney World at your convenience. Last time it was a choice between taking a vacation day or skipping the free ticket; not necessary with this promotion.

3. More people can participate.  Lots of families travel to one of the Disney parks every year but it typically does not coincide with their birthday.  Nonresidents of Florida and California can now volunteer in their community and reap the benefits during a sunshine-filled vacation.

I’ve already signed up for email notifications and received a cute thank you message.  Will you give a day and get a Disney day?  I hope to see you at the Park!

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