Haiti After Thoughts: Disappointments and Joys

by Kay Lynn

Remains of Cathedral in Haiti
photo credit: United Nations Photo

It’s been a little over a week since the massive earthquake struck Haiti causing massive devastation and tens of thousands of deaths.  Earlier this week I noted the overwhelmingly positive response and many posts about how to help.  However the reactions of a few have made me crazy.

Several conservatives have demonstrated a lack of empathy and a political edge that got my blood boiling.  I know this topic has nothing to do with personal finance, but Mr. Boomer’s tired of hearing me rant and I have this great venue available.  So here are the idiots culprits I’m calling out.

Stupid Comments

Rush Limbaugh– I must confess that I have a hard time stomaching Limbaugh in general, but I thought he was more human than his recent comments suggest.  What did he say to tick me off?  Oh just that President Obama’s response to the tragedy was motivated by a desire to improve his reputation in the “light-skinned and dark-skinned black community in this country.” 

If you wondered why Rush wasn’t allowed to be an owner in the NFL, there’s a perfect example.  Even Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough were offended and condemned these remarks

Pat Robertson – This guy has said so many crazy things over the years (Katrina anyone?) that many people have stopped listening.  This time he indicated that Haiti was “cursed” because of past leaders “swore a pact to the devil”

I wonder if this preacher has even read the New Testament. (I wonder about a lot of  people espousing themselves as Christians and who seem to ignore our call to take care of the poor.)  Fortunately, I haven’t read of anyone defending these atrocious statements. However, there are lot of blog posts and you tube videos about them.

Josh Trevino– Who?  He’s the spokesman for a California senate candidate, Chuck DeVore, who’s a Tea Party favorite.  Maybe it was just a bid for publicity but I was speechless (not for long much to Mr. Boomer’s disappointment) by his words. 

Trevino tweeted“Haiti: the best thing the int’l community can do is tend the wounded, bury the dead, and then LEAVE. That includes all UN and charity.”  In addition to extreme callousness, this was only a couple of days after the quake when rescue was a priority. Fortunately, his candidate denounced these remarks.

The Good

Clinton Bush Alliance – President Obama asked ex-presidents Clinton and George W. Bush to lead a non-partisan effort to raise funds and provide aid to Haiti.  Of course, both accepted and set up the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.  They also made the rounds on Sunday morning talk shows and dismissed politically motivated Haiti comments.  

These two compassionate men indicated this is not about politics, but helping the Haitian people.

People -Tragedies like this earthquake highlight the generosity and goodness in the average person.  Most people have done what they could to help whether it was donating millions (like many entertainers) or texting $10 to the American Red Cross.  The charities involved are to many to mention. 

Others are part of the direct aid in terms of medical personnel, military, and aid workers.  Even journalists (who seemed like the first responders ironically) were compelled to rescue and/or provide medical aid.

I guess disaster brings out the best and the worst in people.  We’ve seen both, but the best is what inspires me. 

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rocketc January 21, 2010 at 10:33 pm

I’m not a huge Limbaugh supporter, but his comment was a satire on Democrat Senator Harry Reid’s statement that Obama is “light-skinned” and does not have “that Negro dialect”.

Bucksome January 22, 2010 at 6:11 pm

I would say yes it was a play on Harry Reid’s words, but he does seem to focus on color and was politicizing the President’s response.

Thanks for commenting and making a very good point.

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