And Now It Begins

by Kay Lynn

This is my first post in my first blog.  Pretty exciting and scary at the same time!  To get started, let me tell you why I am blogging.

A little over two months ago I started Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University at my church.  My goal was to get financially smarter as I was starting to feel the pressure with this year’s birthday that ended in a zero.  I’m 50 this year and can see the number of years left until retirement dwindling.  And I haven’t been financially smart all along although it’s not as dire as I may project at times.

Although I have two lessons left, the class has taught me so much already.  Instead of spending until it’s all gone, I have a monthly budget.  Instead of using a vague savings account or a credit card for “unexpected” costs I have sinking funds.  I’ve started a debt snowball and I have hope that one day I can  live like no one else.

I’m starting a blog to keep my focus on the long term and share my musings on this boomer’s journey to retirement.

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