How the Recession has Hit Our Family

by Kay Lynn

Faun Family by Claude Michel, 1785

Faun Family by Claude Michel, 1785

 I came back from my girls trip last week to find the recession had hit close to home while I was having sun and fun. My daughter-in-law was laid off from her job she’s been at for 10 years. This news dimmed my post-vacation glow as she and my son have a 2 month old son (who is the cutest baby in the world according to this grandma) and with that comes extra costs and responsibility.

This isn’t the first time the recession has hit family.  A sister’s husband was laid off nearly a year ago and has still not found permanent work.  A couple of nephews have been laid off in the past year.  Other family members still have jobs have had cutbacks in hours.

While the recession may be on the road to recovery, it doesn’t feel like it to these family members and millions of other Americans.  And people are still losing their jobs.  Over half a million new claims were filed last week.

Survivor Guilt

I feel a little guilty that the recession has not really impacted Mr. Boomer and I.  It’s been written about many times that this is a common feeling at workplaces with layoffs but it also happens in families and social circles.  Even though my employer is in a secure niche related to healthcare technology I worry that if it can happen to them, it can happen to me.  At the same time, it feels selfish to be worrying about myself.

Supporting Family

 Earlier this year, the state of Washington posted this article written by Susan Gilpatrick from the Centerstone Wellness Program about managing job loss grief which has some good tips on being supportive.

  1. Before giving advice acknowledge the loss and the emotions that accompany it.
  2. Be their cheerleader and offer emotional strength.
  3. Be on the same team.
  4. Join in on the journey.
  5. Take a breather now and then to remain healthy.
  6. Ask how you can help.

I can’t say I’ve been the  best letting my extended family know how much I empathize and care.  This is definitely something I plan to work on.  I am grateful that so far we’ve all managed to survive, are not homeless and are healthy.  How have you and your family been impacted by the recession?

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John DeFlumeri Jr October 2, 2009 at 11:13 am

Don’t feel guilty because you didn’t get affected. You earned what you have. Things will turn back around for them.

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