Money Saving Tips: top 5 things to do with your unwanted CDs

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Do you have lots of old CDs you don’t want or need hanging around the house? Well, if you do, here are a few great ideas to make attractive use of those little plastic discs. Plus, here is another idea. If you have unwanted games and you want to sell games, your earnings can supplement your craft making.

Music CDs

Garden Markers

Unwanted CDs make great garden markers. Glue CDs to garden stakes or attach with wire. Write your plant names in permanent marker on the media side of the CD. Tap them into the ground at the ends of the rows.

Bonus: The light reflective aspect of the CDs will help keep pests away from your tender crops.

Sun Catchers

Kid friendly, this is a great birthday party activity or one for a rainy day.  Using white glue attach two CDs back to back, label side in. Using spray adhesive and different colors of glitter, help the kids as needed to decorate the CDs.

Allow 20 minutes to dry before using pretty ribbon to loop through the CD to create a hanger, tying a bow at the top.

Wallpaper Border or Feature Wall

Teens love funky, trendy modern design. Make a cool feature wall or one of a kind “wallpaper” border using old CDs. Always dry fit for spacing before affixing the CDs to the wall.

Push Pin Method: Use fishing line and thread a length of line through the center of the CD, tying a knot to create the hanging loop. Loops can be uniform in length or different lengths to create variety and interest.

Using colorful or metallic push pins, hang the CDs along the wall at the joint where the ceiling meets the wall. CDs can be artist label out or media side out for a more hi-tech look. Repeat with each CD until the desired amount of border is created.

Bonus: use the strung CDs as an alternate style of chair rail. Snap a faint chalk line or draw a level line as a guide at chair rail height (36″) and hang CDs along the line. You have an instant mod chair rail. Cost: FREE except for the pins and the fishing line.

Hot Glue Method: Glue CDs along wall at ceiling joint.

Feature Wall: Dry fit CDs on chosen wall and use push pin method or hot glue to affix to the wall.

Table Top

A great conversation piece and functional too, choose a table with a slight lip around the edge. Arrange CDs on tabletop. Pour resin over CDs, pouring slowly according to manufacturer’s instructions to avoid bubbles. Gently tap table or prick bubbles with pin to remove any unwanted air. Allow to cure thoroughly before use.

Funky Wall Clock

Use foam core craft board or framing mat board for base. Cut to desired size. Lay out CDs in a pleasing pattern with media or label exposed. Mark center with a push pin and remove CDs. Using a razor knife or punch create a small hole for the small battery operated clock assembly.

Affix clock assemblies to the rear of the board. Attach CDs using hot glue over the center of the clockwork dowel. Finally, attach hands.

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Jason@LiveRealNow October 28, 2011 at 6:04 am

When I was 18 living with a friend who is now renting out my basement, we decided to shrink our CD collections by learning to become CD ninjas. It’s possible to throw a CD 3/4 of the length of a trailer house to have it shatter into hundreds of pieces against the fridge. It only takes about 25 CDs to develop that skill.

deanna October 28, 2011 at 12:17 pm

I love the clock idea. I have a friend who used records as earring holders.

Ben October 29, 2011 at 6:57 pm

Great Ideas, just found 100+ CD in a bag that i do not listen to anymore.

carey October 30, 2011 at 6:25 pm

Dude…LOVE these ideas. I have a place where I sell my old cds, but there are some they cant take because they may be scratched. Thanks!

Erinn S October 30, 2011 at 8:19 pm

Garden markers! Great idea.

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