My First Guest Post

by Kay Lynn

When doing personal finance web-surfing earlier this year, one of the first blogs I found was Mrs. Micah’s Finance for a Freelance Life and I’ve remained a fan.  Mrs. Micah has a busy November including donating marrow stem cells.

Since yours truly is not doing anything of much importance this month, I answered Mrs. Micah call for guest posts.  Please pop over and read 4 lessons I learned from my first job.  You’ll never guess what it was!

If you came over from Mrs. Micah’s, here are the top 5 posts at  If they’re helpful please subscribe to continue to get updates.

1. How the Recession has Hit Our Family
2. 4 Hidden Costs of Business Travel
3. 5 Free Budget Tools
4. Househusbands: Long Lasting Recession Effect?
5. Did the Ice Cream Shrink?

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