My Phone is Smart

by Kay Lynn

SSH on my Droid

I’ve been wanting more from my phone and decided to upgrade to a smart phone last month.  What made me take the plunge?

Other than J. Money’s convincing review of his iPhone, I wanted a device that would save me time and increase productivity.  There were really only three options in my mind and I eliminated the Blackberry pretty quickly (just don’t like their design). The other choices were the iPhone or Droid. 


This is the phone of choice at work.  For months coworkers have been moving to this phone with each one raving about the various qualities.  Seeing all it could do was very enticing. 

The problem is that cell towers aren’t as pervasive as they should be in the hilly confines of my neighborhood.  We left a previous cell carrier that provided good rates and service, but couldn’t ring in the house.  Without a land line, this was unacceptable.  I didn’t want to take a chance on the same problem with AT&T.

The tipping point was that Mr. Boomer can’t move from Verizon for a year and most of my extended family is on that network as well.


When the Droid came out it caught my eye.  I really liked the fact that it had a keyboard for texts and emails as well as the iPhone like apps.  After coveting it for a month or so my decision was made. 

For once I was the first one with the latest gadget.  Every geek one I showed it to wanted to “play” with the Droid.  Although common apps are pre-loaded, I’ve installed over a dozen more ranging from USA Today to a Light to use when trying to unlock your door in the dark.

Email, facebook and twitter can be updated from where ever I am.  My calendar is always at hand. It’s been an effective use of time spent waiting for meetings to start or appointments.  Yes, I now have a data plan expense but for me it is so worth it.

All I think now is what took me so long?  I guess it’s because I was waiting for the Droid.

photo credit: jblyberg

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