October Wrap-Up

by Kay Lynn

October ended with a fun holiday and a time change.  It seemed fortuitous that you got an extra hour sleep after a night of partying.  Sunday included the extra chores of changing clocks and smoke alarm batteries (okay, I didn’t do that last one but I should!).  

In late September, I started monitoring Buck$ome Boomer’s Journey to Retirement with Google Analytics.  The information captured when you visit websites is amazing!  The best thing for me was seeing my average daily visitor count increase as the month went on.  Thank you to all that stop by.  Keep coming!

I also now know who’s sending visitors my way and want to thank  October’s top 10 referring sites listed below:

1. Yes, I Am Cheap
2. All Financial Matters
3. GRACEful Retirement
4. Festival of Frugality
5. Enemy of Debt
6. Blogging Away Debt
7. Funny About Money
8. Cash Money Life
9. Gather Little by Little
10.Credit Card Offers IQ

Online Income

Despite what I said last month, I didn’t list anything with Ebay in October.  Several books on Half.com did sell however and earned $37.45 which went towards my debt snowflake. 

There were lots of survey invitations this month to the point that I couldn’t keep up.  I did cash in $13.50 at Opinion Outpost for a Amazon gift certificate.


We didn’t have any major purchases this month as Mr. Boomer’s air ticket was purchased with frequent flyer miles.  I was able to pay $400 extra towards my car loan this month.  It’ll be touch and go to see if I get it paid off by January 1st.

  Did you meet your goals this month?  The good news is that you can always work at a better result the next time.


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