This page lists recommended products and tools in various categories.  I use all of them!

Money Management Tools

Mint is free software that  allows you to manage your accounts all in one place.  You can track your spending, categorize it, analyze it, and change it!  I like the emails I get letting me know when I’ve overspent a budget category or have unusual activity.


The first two resources in this category are peer to peer lending sites which bring together investors and borrowers and eliminate the cost of traditional lending.

Lending Club

Lending Club is one of the peer-to-peer lending sites I use for investment.  My return is in the double digits after a year.


I recently invested some money in notes and am looking forward to seeing the results.



After hearing so many good things about Hostgator from friends and acquaintances throughout the blog world, I had to go with them.  Best of all you get free support in transferring one site for up to 30 days post-sale.


I use the The Thesis Theme for WordPress on Bucksome Boomer and love it’s power and versatility. Best of all updates are free!

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community


Scribe is a plug-in that aids in search engine optimization of articles. It aids in keyword research, SEO best practices and link-building.

Scribe. SEO Made Simple.

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