Romance is Important for Boomers

by Kay Lynn

Much to our children’s embarrassment romance and sex is not just for the young.  Baby boomers are the generation that changed or took advantage of changing sexual mores.  We don’t need to turn our backs on an important part of life.

Despite increasing age, sexual health is still important.  Here are a few tips to keep romance alive in the golden years.


Address Health Issues

Physical changes may make it more difficult to enjoy sex.  It’s important to figure out what is needed to get around or resolve the problem.  Talk to your doctor about your concerns.  There may be a treatable medical reason and if not the doctor may have suggestions for non-medical options.  You’re not the first person to have these concerns.

There are creams, gels and oils that can help with lubrication and arousal.  Of course we know about the success of Viagra and other erectile enhancing drugs. (But really do the commercials have to be so cheesy?)

Add Variety

I don’t mean variety in partners but in the experience.  Let’s face it after many years together the routine may need spicing up.  Why not add in sexy lingerie, edibles and body oils? You both can become “new” partners.

If the thought of buying these items in public is scary, then order them discreetly in the privacy of your home from retailers like Vibrations Direct.

Keep Fit

Keep yourself in shape for daily life and the bedroom.  Physical fitness increases energy and decreases stress.  Both are conducive to a healthy love life.

Exercise will help people retain flexibility and stamina and fight natural changes from aging.

You don’t have to give up an important part of your relationship and life just because you’re getting older.  Although I’m not suggesting we bring back the “free love” mantra, you can have a healthy sex life after 50!

photo by Mrs Logic

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Julie @ Freedom 48 March 3, 2012 at 5:11 pm

Great article – and an important topic. I think the older generation often doesn’t want to discuss sex, and the younger generation doesn’t want to hear about it. Online resources are great – and discrete!

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