Saving Money with Technology

by Guest

Personal finance is about sound planning and good investments throughout the course of your career. I’ve found that these things can help enormously, yet at the base of it all you need to save money on a day to day basis; if you don’t do this you won’t have any money to invest. Saving is a challenging if basic task, yet it has changed slightly over the past few years as there are now lots of different technologies, like conference calling, which can help you save better.

I was recently put on to the wonder of internet banking by one of my children. After years of trekking down to the bank to do all my finances, I’m now able take care of everything from my computer – this is a great boon for me as I can now stay completely up to the minute with my various accounts and see how much I’m saving. It’s very hard to save if you don’t know how much money you have, thanks to internet banking I’m always up to date with my finances.

Conference calling is another recent innovation which has allowed me to save lots of money: these calls have been around in the business community for a long time, yet they have only recently become widespread with consumers. Now I can schedule a call to catch up with my kids and grandkids and have an experience which is almost as good as seeing them in person – everyone is all on the line together and it really feels like a family affair. Best of all, it’s very cheap and I can see people without getting in the car and spending on transport.

The internet has also proven to be a great cost saver – I used to wander the shops to find the best prices, this was always incomplete and I felt like the best bargains eluded me. Nowadays I just log on to the web and check out aggregator sites like Expedia: this gives me a snapshot of the market and helps me save money.

Saving money is about discipline, yet there’s no need to turn down these handy tools as they can really help you cut corners and put a few extra pennies towards your retirement.

This is a guest post on behalf of Pow Wow Now.

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