September Wrap-Up

by Kay Lynn


Even though we can’t always tell it by the temperature here in Southern California, Fall is officially here.  The interval between sunrise and sunset is getting less and less.   October will be the only month between August and December where I do not use DTO vacation time at work!  It’ll be nice to get ahead for a change.

Online Income

Vacation hold on Half. com for about 10 days made a slow sales month even slower.  I had a couple of books sell though for a total of $10.60.  I did list a couple of things on Ebay which didn’t sale.  I’ll try again later this month.

Although I did participate in surveys throughout the month, I haven’t cashed in any points for a check during the month.  I received $10 in Amazon gift certificates for particpating in an online community called Real Women Talking.


 Our budget was off this month primarily because I let it go by the wayside when I was on vacation.  As promised I will detail the additional vacation costs in another post.  I don’t think that I overspent so much on the trip, but the problem was not tracking during the trip led me to keep up this bad habit until the new month. 

The good news is we’re back on target with October’s allocated spending and cash flow plans.  We did not make any major purchases although our washing machine will probably have to be replaced this month.  The agitator is not working well and can’t handle large loads.  Such is life!

 How was your month?  I hope you have a moment to reflect on it and share.

Photo by Morburre 

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