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 Do you value simplicity? Would you like to simplify your utility bill? Would you like a discount on your gas and electricity service and a rebate at the end of each year? If you answered yes to those questions you should consider switching to a dual fuel tariff. What is dual fuel? It is a system where one supplier provides both your gas and electricity service. Choosing this system can simplify your utility bills and your life. You no longer have to pay separate companies for gas and electricity and each month you get one bill with both services included.

 Unnecessary clutter can make sorting out your utility bills a headache. Taking an action as simple as combining two bills onto one statement can make a difference. That is what happens when you choose a dual fuel tariff.

Procuring good prices and quality service from a utility company can be a challenge. However when you find a company willing and able to provide the prices you need and the quality service you want it makes sense to retain them to provide you with as many services they can deliver. If allowing them to provide both your gas and your electricity rewards you with low dual fuel prices and a single, simple bill for both services, it may be a deal too good to pass up.

Choosing to use Smart Meters with your dual fuel service can help you monitor your energy use enabling you to control the cost of your utility bills and providing a streamlined billing process. A Smart Meter allows you to monitor your energy use each day, week or month. The billing system is even simpler, any time during the month you need to know what your energy usage is, all you need do is go to login to your account. Your usage is depicted in bar and line graphs with simple explanations.

Simplifying your billing system is a worthwhile goal. When you couple it with the opportunity to save money each month it is hard to ignore.  By combining the dual fuel tariff with smart metering your energy usage becomes more accurate and simpler to understand. The savings, simplicity and convenience are hard to beat. Want lower utility prices and simpler billing? Choose a dual fuel tariff.

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 First Utility is an energy company with a difference. We want to help you understand your energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint and ensure you receive accurate bills.

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Editor’s Note: This post is brought to you by First Utility.


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