Start Saving for Retirement by Tackling Daily Spending

by Guest

How are you saving for your retirement?  How many times have you thought about that statement?  There are some many strategies out there to save in the long term, but what about right now?   You need to start with the day to day spending.

Are you using every discount possible when you dine out or make purchases for the household?  I know it is tough to clip coupons and shop from store to store to find the best deals, but what about this option?  Go to to find online coupon codes for all the top retailers.

You can save $5 off with Sears Coupons or $30 off with Office Max Coupons.  They have the best deals for saving right now.  Each coupon has stats, so you can check out the average savings per person along with a most popular coupons section for the best deals.

Now, if you want instant savings make sure to click on the discounted gift cards section to buy gift cards below face value.  They have savings up to 25% off and many $50 cards are on sale for $40.  If you buy 5 cards to use as gifts and you just saved $50!  Why buy gift cards any place else?

I hope this helps you out with some short term savings.  Try it now and add up the savings over the course of a few months.  I know it will help, and every little bit helps.  If you find any other great deals, make sure to share.   With our current economy, we need to work together in saving for our future.

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