An email from Rite Aid recently had me doing a double-take.  The subject line is “Rite Aid and Wells Fargo Team Up to Offer Long-Term Care Insurance”. I can see how a pharmacy could have a path into the long term care insurance business.  But a bank? Upon further research I learned Wells Fargo has […]


Welcome to the Carnival of Money Stories which is the first carnival hosted at Buck$ome Boomer’s Journey to Retirement.  Life has lots of  firsts (other than carnivals) and  many are related to money and finance.   This is a good chance to share stories about my first monetary experiences. Note: Just as many submissions were not included as in the carnival […]


A little over a week ago Chile endured the fifth worst earthquake in the world since 1900. Yet, the reaction is very different than from the Haiti earthquake in January.  Why? The loss of life (although not fully known) was much less than with the Haiti quake.  A couple of thousand compared to a couple of hundred […]


 In a few short days two earthquakes hit.  One, 6.5 magnitude, in Northern California and the second, 7.0 magnitude, in Haiti.  The first one had minor damages and no injuries.  The second has devastated a major city and killed up to 50,000 people with many more injured. What’s the difference?  One happened in the richest […]


Thursday Tidbits #6

by Kay Lynn

Where do you get financial information?  In addition to the usual suspects (newspapers, magazines and financial services companies) I wanted to tell you about a couple of resources I use.  AARP isn’t just for retired people anymore and they have a lot of resources on personal finance and money.  Another money newsletter I subscribe to […]