Life After Debt

by Kay Lynn

I made the last payment to Sallie Mae (student loan servicing company) today.  It was the last debt, and the biggest, so by the time I got to it with the debt snowball the monthly payment averaged $2,000. That motivated the budget makeover recently as we figured out where to allocate those funds. Increased Spending […]


If you are facing financial difficulty and are months behind on making payments, don’t fall for fake debt collectors calling your home demanding money. Scams involving fake debt collectors are nothing new, but their numbers have risen since the economic recession began. Despite warnings from the Better Business Bureau, many of these scammers continue to […]


Taking steps to forming good financial habits is no easy task, but it can be done. If you’ve decided to build better finances, try following these three steps: 1. Evaluate your spending habits: Try keeping a list of your expenses for an entire month. Carry a little book with you and track every purchase you […]


Do you know who your Joneses are? I’m sure you do. They’re the couple with the top of the line everything! For all of you ladies, you notice the expensive jewelry, the clothes, the handbags, and of course, those gorgeous shoes that you wish were on your feet.  And, for you men, you see your […]


In a sense, savings and debt are at two ends of the same ‘scale’. On the one hand, savings provide financial security, making it easier to cope in a financial emergency, and earning you interest along the way. Debt, on the other hand, can be a real drain on your finances – eating into your […]