Disaster Preparedness

Earlier this month, our home was one of the millions that lost power in the Southwest blackout.  I was out of town on a business trip but Mr. Boomer and I learned a lot about our emergency preparedness… or lack of it! Communication Mr. Boomer thought it was a localized power outage until he called […]


A little over a week ago Chile endured the fifth worst earthquake in the world since 1900. Yet, the reaction is very different than from the Haiti earthquake in January.  Why? The loss of life (although not fully known) was much less than with the Haiti quake.  A couple of thousand compared to a couple of hundred […]


 Olympics fever has hit our home and is keeping us up at night enjoying the competition.  It seems that there’s more interest in the Winter games than normal; maybe because we can feel proud of our nation and fellow citizens and forget about the economy and politics for a while. However I have to say […]


 Happy Valentine’s Day!  Mr. Boomer and I saw a musical last night and are going to brunch today.  We  rather spend money on sharing experiences together than gifts.  I hope you’re having a nice day however you celebrate. Tomorrow is my first holiday at work since New Year’s Day.  It’s also a nice break as […]


Late summer means fires to Californians and this year is no exception.  Fire season is generally considered to be between August and December.  Of course, wildfires don’t always adhere to this time frame but the combination of dry conditions and Santa Ana winds are prevalent in September and October. Fire Hits Two years ago on an […]