What’s In a Name?

by Kay Lynn

A couple of weeks ago a family finance columnist for the Wall Street Journal wrote about keeping her maiden name.  She recapped today the discussion generated by the article.  I find it a little annoying that the topic generates any discussion.  After all, what is the big deal with keeping the name you’re born with? […]


This is a guest post from Penny Saver, a frugal mom who is making the most of modest means, saving a quarter of her income, and blogging about it at The Saved Quarter.  Read my post at her site with tips to survive the teen years. Summer is here and kids around the country are asking […]


Both my husband and I have already lost one parent each.  As they age, our remaining parents experience occasional health crises.My father-in-law has been in and out of hospitals and convalescent centers several times this year.  He’s home now and stable, but has full time assistance and doesn’t drive anymore. If anyone asks, we say […]


My husband and I have raised five children in California.  After this weekend, not one will live in this, the golden state.  I always wondered about how they could all achieve the American dream when average housing prices far outweigh average salaries.  Now I know, most couldn’t or didn’t want to keep trying. They all […]


My sister and I went shopping this past weekend.  I enjoy shopping with others so we can compare bargains and get feedback on potential purchases. We both picked up several items and still our total was only $61 with a savings of $145 over the original retail price!  There are three parts to our strategy […]