It was recently in the news that 40 billionaires have publicly committed to donating 50 percent or more of their wealth to charity. One of the couples, Irwin and Joan Jacobs, lives in San Diego and were interviewed by the local newspaper. There were several interesting points in the article but the answer to the […]


What would you do if a restaurant gave you the option to pay the price you wanted?  Panera experimented with a “set your own price” model and found the honor system works. Why open a set your own price restaurant?  Panera started the non-profit arm as another method of philanthropy.  Due to the success of the pilot two […]


Help Stamp Out Hunger

by Kay Lynn

Fighting hunger is one of my personal passions which I hope to be able to do more about once retired.   We can all help now though. Tomorrow, May 8th,  is the annual Stamp Out Hunger  food drive and letter carriers all over the U.S. are ready to pick up your donation.  No matter your budget, […]


Kroger’s Cart Buster Savings Event is going on right now through Sunday, March 14th where you can find great prices on some of my family’s favorite brands including Pampers, Cheerios, Hamburger Helper and more in over 60 categories of products belong to the General Mills brand. To  find out the closest Kroger store to you click here and […]

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A little over a week ago Chile endured the fifth worst earthquake in the world since 1900. Yet, the reaction is very different than from the Haiti earthquake in January.  Why? The loss of life (although not fully known) was much less than with the Haiti quake.  A couple of thousand compared to a couple of hundred […]