The most recent NFL stadium news is about how fans with valid tickets were left without seats at the Super Bowl. But there was recently better news about a different stadium and home team. The owners of the Philadelphia Eagles are spending a lot of money to make Lincoln Financial Field an environmental friendly stadium.  […]


When I first heard about the big egg recall I felt safe. With all the farms in my state certainly eggs would not need to be shipped in from Iowa. Then my receipt from this week’s grocery shopping told me I could have bought tainted eggs there.   I checked the box at home and although the plant number was not […]


  Some weeks nothing is going on so you don’t see a Tuesday post.  Boy is it different today.  Yakezie Launch Earlier this year I joined the Yakezie Alexa Challenge started by Financial Samurai and it grew to a group of 100 bloggers. The first phase is over and the new phase going to be fun! […]


A little over a week ago Chile endured the fifth worst earthquake in the world since 1900. Yet, the reaction is very different than from the Haiti earthquake in January.  Why? The loss of life (although not fully known) was much less than with the Haiti quake.  A couple of thousand compared to a couple of hundred […]


In the early days of being enviromentally conscious, it seemed like the “good” choice was more expensive.  A hybrid car costs more than the gasoline only car.  Curbside recycling meant higher trash bills.  Nowadays, being green doesn’t mean paying more.  It is possible to be green and frugal at the same time?  I believe it […]

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