Merry Christmas!

by Kay Lynn

Mr. Boomer, our dog Charger and I survived a long drive to spend Christmas with my parents, siblings and other extended family.  I wish you and those near and dear to you a happy holiday and very merry Christmas! photo by  Lauren Manning


This deal is just too good not to share with you. The $5 Dinner Mom, Erin Chase, has created a new guide that is the antidote to every other holiday entertaining guide out there. And it is packed with the same help and love you get from $5 Dinners every day. You’re going to love […]


Happy 4th of July to all Americans and a belated Canada Day greeting to our neighbors to the North.  I hope you all take a moment to appreciate the courage shown by our forefathers to create these new nations. I’ll leave you with this interesting graphic courtesy of BillShrink.

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Memorial Day Thoughts

by Kay Lynn

Memorial Day is the day Americans officially remember veterans who died on active duty. My family has a long history of military service dating back to the American Revolution. We’ve had at least one sailor, soldier, airmen or marine serve in every war since then. Some died for their country. We’re not unique; just visit […]


There’s been a lot of articles published recently on ideas and advice for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Some are frugal, others are extravagant while others leave me shaking my head (what mother wants kitchen utensils?). Let me share a not-so-secret about moms.  We just want to be loved and appreciated by our kids. So […]