One of the benefits of our recently empty nest was getting a guest room again.   We lost a bedroom when we downsized four years ago and I’ve been missing it ever since.  Overnight guests made do by using a sleeper sofa in our office but it wasn’t ideal. Starting Point and Timeframe Our son’s furniture […]


We all know the saying “misery loves company”.  That’s why I was glad to read it’s not just middle class homeowners that have lost a lot of value in their homes. The most famous home in the U.S.  has lost 25% of it’s value since the height of the market which is about $80 million.  […]


San Diego is a great place to visit and we are happy to host family and friends when they head out our way. Being Frugal shared how to be a good house guest when visiting relatives which got me thinking about what does it take to be a good host. Lodging For now I don’t have […]


According to recent research it is better to rent instead of buying a home in San Diego.  There were 50 cities ranked in this survey by Trulia.com. The determining factor in whether it was better to rent or buy was derived by dividing the average home price by the average annual rent for a 2-bedroom. To be […]


Art on a Budget

by Kay Lynn

By the looks of the walls in our home, you might think we just moved in.  We did….almost three years ago.  We wanted to upgrade our living room decor but haven’t been proactive about it. One of the goals I set at the beginning of the year was to address the plain walls.  Repurposing ideas […]