What would I do with a million dollar windfall?  That’s the question posed by Sandy from Yes I Am Cheap for a personal finance meme this week.  For the purposes of this exercise, I’m going to assume it’s after taxes. Sometimes when I see people winning large amounts from the lottery, I wistfully think about […]


3 Lessons from Babies

by Kay Lynn

Spending time with our grandson has reminded me what life is like for babies.  Not only is he fun and entertaining but babies can teach us some things about how to manage personal finance challenges. photo credit: Steve took it 1. Never Give Up. Have you ever met a healthy kid that didn’t learn how […]


This Week in Money

by Kay Lynn

I didn’t plan a post for today and was going to skip it when I was inspired by My Pretty Pennies. She posted these questions that I thought would be fun to answer. 1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on gasoline ($35). This wasn’t a week that I paid bills so no […]


We enjoy watching the Sunday Morning show each weekend for the interesting stories and people showcased. A week or two ago there was a story on a folksy cafe in Round Top, Texas. With only 77 residents in Round Top, it’s not surprising that the cafe is only open 4 days a week. What is […]


eBay Sales Woes

by Kay Lynn

Transactions on eBay have always gone smoothly for me.  I even wrote about the process. (Like I’m an expert, hah!)  My most recent foray into selling on this venue has not gone well. Does this happen to everyone eventually? A portable DVD player sold right at the end of the listing period for the minimum amount.  The […]