So you are rehired after a period of unemployment. Great news! What a relief! Now celebrate it with a dinner, set up your direct deposits and start thinking about that kitchen remodeling? No, not just yet. There is a little more work to be done before settling into the new level of comfort – replenishing […]


Most of the time I’m proud to be a Californian.  Not so much this year. My last paycheck was lower than normal.  A benefit of being salaried is there there isn’t much fluctuation with pay and I didn’t have a pay cut.   It wasn’t a surprise because my company warned us.  I have the State of California […]


 I came back from my girls trip last week to find the recession had hit close to home while I was having sun and fun. My daughter-in-law was laid off from her job she’s been at for 10 years. This news dimmed my post-vacation glow as she and my son have a 2 month old […]