We’ve been empty nesters for about three months now. There are lots of little differences, mostly positive however one of the biggest adjustments has to do with our evening meal. I know how to cook for a family; in fact I never did really cook until I had one. So, after 30 years it’s back […]


My sister and I went shopping this past weekend.  I enjoy shopping with others so we can compare bargains and get feedback on potential purchases. We both picked up several items and still our total was only $61 with a savings of $145 over the original retail price!  There are three parts to our strategy […]


Longtime readers know I’m a fan of daily deal websites.  It is how we stretch our budget dining out, on entertainment and more.  It’s also a good source of gifts for friends and family in other parts of the country. One of the sites I used earlier this year, Adility, has gone out of business! […]


It’s only three weeks until the shopping extravaganza known as Black Friday. Last year I shared tips on successful Black Friday shopping which we’ve used to find many bargains over the years. Now it’s time to figure if I want to participate in 2010.  Mr. Boomer and I started talking about what we want to […]


My husband hates to use my key ring because it’s loaded with cards for the various stores we patronize.  If I didn’t keep my Ace Hardware card on my keyring how would I get points on the rare occasion we shop there? This family dilemma is solved thanks to Cardmobili.  It’s a free mobile app […]